We might now be in the golden age of acoustic panels – thanks to open-plan offices and industrial warehouse conversions, designers need ways to absorb sound in large echoey spaces now more than ever. These products can not only help dampen noise, but they can also make bold design statements.

Acoustic panels have the capability to act as the visual centrepiece of a space – much like an accent wall or large-format artwork, but with the added benefit of functionality. They can brighten up a room with unusual shapes and compelling colours while also simultaneously soundproofing it.

Where large commercial spaces have large atria, sound absorption can be critical. WJL have provided book matched veneer panelling with inset fire doors as well as our own Echofade baffles to a number of commercial buildings.

But first, why don’t we explain what acoustic panels actually are?

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What is acoustic panelling?

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate background noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space.

How do acoustic panels work?

In brief, acoustic panels or tiles improve sound through sound-wave absorption. Under normal circumstances, sound released into an environment travels until it meets resistance, at which point it reflects off any surface it comes into contact with.

acoustic panelling

When to use acoustic panels?

In general, vertical panels help mitigate sound transfers in a space, preventing that sound travelling from one end of the room to the other. Vertical panels may also aid in lowering background noise to an acceptable level. For instance, in many modern open-space offices, the noise levels range from 60-80 decibels, while the recommended level is 45-55 decibels.

Typically insulated sound absorption can be applied to ceilings as well as walls. There are many ways this can be achieved, all designed to reduce the reverberation in your space.

acoustic panelling

What do we do?

WJL has developed our own method of installation just as bespoke as the panels themselves. This means that rather than having to shoehorn an off-the-shelf product into your complex design concept, our design team can produce a custom installation which entirely meets your demands.

Our Echofade® acoustic panelling and Echofade® baffles provide a UK designed and manufactured alternative to more expensive continental European brands. They range from class B to class E absorption and our own fixing system means that we can manufacture and install with lead times far below those of our competitors, with replacement panels available in very short time.

We have installed our acoustic panelling products into lecture theatres, school halls (including sports halls), performance theatres, university buildings, libraries, atria within commercial spaces,reception spaces and even within hospitals! Anywhere where noise reduction might be required, we can help.

Echofade® Acoustic Panelling

Our Echofade® acoustic panels are manufactured from an 18mm solid core board on a newly installed, state of the art, CNC machine. The panels are beautifully complimented by a solid timber framing on all edges.

echofade acoustic baffle

Echofade® Acoustic Baffle Systems

Our top selling style is our very own acoustic baffle, called Echofade®. Independently tested, it is a slatted panel, generally in oak, which can be adjusted in design to achieve the required levels of acoustic absorption. It is manufactured here in the UK, and replacement panels are easy to get in the event of damage.

In conclusion

Acoustic panels provide numerous benefits, for example, a more welcoming environment for customers, boosted productivity in office and educational settings, effective sound quality in music venues, improved workplace safety, reduced staff absenteeism, happy customers, which means more return on investment.

Take a look at our project gallery, it features highlights of work which we feel is a little bit different but always represents our strengths across the sector. Do you have a construction project we can help with? Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our experts today.