Our predictions on bespoke joinery trends for 2023

Lots of companies/individuals have come up with ideas for how bespoke joinery is going to blossom in 2023, but we’ve conducted our own research to pinpoint these trends and where they came from. The National News has stated that bespoke joinery itself will be a 2023 trend. This has always been a fundamental feature in [...]

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Inside The Project: King’s College, Croft Gardens

WJL worked in collaboration with Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios on the Croft Gardens accommodation at King’s College Cambridge. Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBS) are an architect practice we were introduced to at Roehampton University Library, constructed by Osborne Construction in 2018-19. FCBS had produced a design which closely matched our Echofade® acoustic panel and we [...]

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How Bespoke Woodwork Can Transform Your Establishment

It can’t be denied that mass-produced woodwork is convenient. It’s usually the easiest way to fill your establishment with furniture and generic woodwork pieces, however it isn’t the best way - and we’ll explain why in this blog. With bespoke furniture and panelling, you’re able to perfectly capture the vision you have for your space [...]

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The difference between first and second fix joinery

In the construction industry, ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’ joinery are related to the building of both houses and commercial buildings - but what do they mean? Every project starts with a lot of organisation, applications and floor plans, but once the construction actually starts, you can think of the first fix and second fix [...]

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Acoustic Panelling – Explained

We might now be in the golden age of acoustic panels - thanks to open-plan offices and industrial warehouse conversions, designers need ways to absorb sound in large echoey spaces now more than ever. These products can not only help dampen noise, but they can also make bold design statements. Acoustic panels have the capability [...]

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What is the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

While both roles are in the construction trades and can include the manufacture/build of furniture, there are actually a number of differences in the role of a joiner and that of a carpenter. It is very common for joiners and carpenters to work together on large scale projects, both taking different responsibilities for different elements. [...]

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Turning up the volume and shining the spotlight on WJL’s Echofade ® System.

Controlling noise within a building or enclosed area can sometimes prove to be a tough challenge to overcome. For any architect, developer or interior designer, the materials used in the build and the way they absorb sound, plays a crucial part of the design and construction process. Sound can enhance or hinder the functionality and [...]

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