Celebrating the anniversaries of Jack, Sharon, and Rebecca

Throughout March 2024, we’ve been celebrating the remarkable anniversaries of three of our esteemed team members; Jack Hodson, Sharon Evans and Rebecca Hilton. Jack started with us in 2014 and began a journey that intertwined his passion for construction with his keen analytical mindset. Sharon began her journey with WJL as a Financial Controller back [...]

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What are the benefits of hiring apprentices?

Are apprentices "worth it"? For National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we thought we’d ask our owner and MD Jamie Lovatt the history behind apprentices at WJL, and what he feels the benefits are. WJL has been offering apprenticeships for over 45 years, creating their own talent with both traditional and modern skills, maintaining company culture, and [...]

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WJL Needle – explained

WJL Needle Over the last few weeks, we have explored every crucial element comprising our WJL Needle Process across our social media channels - here’s a recap. The installation and maintenance of your fire door is the key to its performance and lifespan. Every WJL fire door is selected, installed and recorded using our industry [...]

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Iain Ward’s bike ride completed!

Our Contracts Fire Door Installation Manager Iain Ward recently completed a bike ride from London to France in aid of JOCA (Just One Click Away), a charity who promotes mental well-being across the rugby community. Him and his team have managed to raise an impressive £5000 for the charity, with an additional £1000 in gift [...]

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Fire Door Safety Week & WJL Needle

We asked our owner Jamie Lovatt about why Fire Door Safety Week is so important, and how it ties into our WJL Needle that provides our ‘golden thread’ of certification throughout a fire door’s journey from manufacture through to installation and maintenance.   Why is Fire Door Safety Week important? FDSW is crucial in highlighting [...]

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Iain Ward’s 350 mile bike ride for charity!

WJL’s Contracts Fire Door Installation Manager Iain Ward is setting out on a bike ride from London to France in aid of JOCA, a charity who promotes mental well-being across the rugby community. Along with a group of friends (Neo Combarro, Simon Banks, Stephen Griffin, Tim Lenaerts, Christian Peake, Rob Gardiner, Rob Muggridge) Iain will [...]

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WJL’s new Business Development Director

Meet Jim Greensmith! As a Business Development Director, Jim is responsible for identifying and creating opportunities for growth within our organisation. His primary role is to develop and implement strategies that drive business expansion, increase revenue, and enhance profitability. Jim has hit the ground running with some amazing ideas, working towards our 5 year business [...]

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Inside Shakespeare North Playhouse

Back in October 2021, WJL were delighted to be appointed by Kier to install wall panelling, wall units, solid timber flooring, acoustic panelling, and seating for the Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot, which officially opened on 15th July 2022. The Playhouse forms the final part of the ‘Shakespearean Triangle’, a cultural trail linking London, Stratford-Upon-Avon [...]

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Our predictions on bespoke joinery trends for 2023

Lots of companies/individuals have come up with ideas for how bespoke joinery is going to blossom in 2023, but we’ve conducted our own research to pinpoint these trends and where they came from. The National News has stated that bespoke joinery itself will be a 2023 trend. This has always been a fundamental feature in [...]

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