WJL offers the complete internal fire door and doorset supply and installation service, covering a range of NFR to FD120 fire certified doorsets and from 30dB up to 41dB acoustically.

We have experience supplying and fitting fire doors and acoustic doorcsets within a range of construction sectors including residential homes, educational institutions, hotel & leisure businesses and commercial offices – We even supply into Blue Light, MOD and MOJ buildings too.

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Introducing WJL NEEDLE

WJL NEEDLE guarantees your fire doors are supplied, installed and recorded in accordance with the new Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 (The Golden Thread).

The installation and maintenance of your fire door is the key to its performance and life span. Every WJL fire door is selected, installed, and recorded using our industry leading app-based technology.

This allows us to provide the Golden Thread of certification throughout its journey from manufacture through to installation and maintenance, for the whole of the fire door’s life.

Fire Door Fitting & Installation

WJL is 3rd party certified via BlueSky. Bluesky provides a modern approach to 3rd party certification for the installation and maintenance of fire doors. We have refined our processes around the rigorous demands of this standard and continue to help to raise the bar in the industry.

We have years of experience in the supply and installation of fire doorsets, we can take on projects in a range of construction sectors, from a small number of doorsets into the thousands. We have project management expertise for weeklong projects into months and even years or larger schemes.

These surfaces can also be curved and shaped in ways few others can. Using heat, or thermoforming, solid surface can be softened to create curves in 3 dimensions as well as seamless jointing which combine to create the flowing, monolithic lines associated with the aesthetic.

Fire Door Frames & Closers

Every single one of our fire door installers are trained to a 3rd party accredited standard (Fire Qual) by our training partner IFSS who have developed a programme specifically for our needs. All our staff engaged in the management of fire doors receive appropriate fire door training.

All WJL supplied and installed doorsets come complete with ironmongery and once installed on site, we have our own independent qualified fire door inspector who’ll sign off all supplied products and their installation.

Various Materials, Styles & Colours Available

WJL offers a huge range of doorsets, from paint grade doorsets for on-site decoration, to full PVC encapsulated doors doorsets ideal for leisure or health sector projects.

There is a complete range of real wood veneered doorsets also, utilising FSC timber veneers, ranging from American White Oak to American Black Walnut.

We can also offer a laminate faced door, with thousands of different colours to choose from.

Fire Door Installation for Residential Flats, Student Halls, Commercial Buildings & More

WJL has vast experience of fitting doorsets within the residential and hospitality sectors. Working with Main Contractors and Local Authorities we’ve got a range of doorsets to suit all specification requirements.

We also work on many projects fitting doorsets within the commercial sector, working with Main Contractors and private sector clients. With everything made to order, we can supply and manufacture full bespoke packages

Fire Door FAQs

Fire doors are pretty much in every building, where we work, live and sleep. A Sire door acts just as any other door in normal service, but in a fire it takes on a critical role, to save lives and protect property. It does this by holding back the spread of fire and smoke for a designated period, be it 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes which gives time for building occupants to escape.

Fire doors should be manufactured in compliance with 3rd party global assessments by an approved audited manufacturer, backed up with fire test certifications. They should then be installed by an approved 3rd party certified installer such as IFSS and Bluesky. Finally before signing off they should be inspected by an accredited fire door inspector.

Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties, such as businesses, commercial premises, and public buildings. They are also required in blocks of flats and houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs).

How do we determine what does and does not require a self-closing device? According to ADB volume 2, a self-closing device is required on a fire door if:

  • Subdividing escape routes to separate two or more storey exits.
  • Subdividing corridors every 12m in length.
  • Subdividing a dead-end condition in a common corridor exceeding 4.5m in length.
  • Protecting a staircase enclosure from a circulation space.
  • Doors open onto external escape stairs.

In ‘residential’ type buildings (care homes, hotels, student accommodation etc.) all fire doors should be fitted with a self-closing device, other than those providing access to cleaner cupboards, plant and other high fire risk spaces and service risers, which should be kept closed and generally locked when not in immediate use. Buildings housing flats will also require self-closing devices fitted to the front door of each flat, separating the flat entrance from the communal areas. In private dwelling houses, a self-closing device is only required if your home has an integral garage door. Both ADB and the Local Government Association’s publication Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats state that no other fire doors in your private home require self-closing devices – although it is recommended. (Source – FPA 2022).

We recommend that fire doors and doorsets are inspected at least every 12 months, with heavy usage fire doors such as corridors, classrooms, flat entrances etc. being inspected more frequently.

5 quick checks which can be routinely undertaken are below, however they cannot replace a proper inspection by a qualified specialist, highlighting any immediate problems.

  1. Look for labels, plugs or similar markings which show the door is certificated.
  2. Look for appropriate signage such as ‘fire door keep shut’ or ‘FD30s’ as an example.
  3. Ensure that the door or frame has the a fire a smoke intumescent seal, unbroken consistently between the frame and door and that the frame and door gap is consistently between 2 and 4mm allowing the door to close correctly.
  4. Check the hinges are fitted firmly into the door and frame with no missing screws.
  5. Check the door is not damaged or wedged open.

It is never okay to wedge open a fire door. You could cause damage to the underside of the door as well as preventing the door doing what it should in the event of a fire.

Yes, there are sliding fire door kits available up to FD60s.

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At WJL we strive for the greatest client satisfaction and continually monitor our feedback. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

WJL’s works are of a good standard and the manner and attitude of their supervisor on site is a leading example to other subcontractors on how to manage and coordinate their work force.

Ian Rodgers, Operations Manager, Eric Wright

Seddon would personally like to put on record our gratitude to WJL for the amazing turnaround of the specialist joinery items on the project and to be able to achieve the very tight programme dates to enable Seddon to achieve Practical Completion on the Westcliffe Extra Care project.

Nick Camm, Quantity Surveyor, Seddon

As designers we always strive to find the best manufactures, to ensure our design is built to the highest standards, this is particularly relevant in a healthcare context. We were very impressed how the team at WJL translated our design into built furniture often comprising of complicated curves and angles. We would definitely recommend them for furniture projects.

Will Boex, Operations Director, Boex

More than happy, in every aspect, and I have given your details out as a company to use for quality especially happy with the manufacturing quality, and the programme we adhered to.

Martin Lawther, Quantity Surveyor, Gilbert Ash

Workmanship really good, excellent joiners, very responsive to our requirements, good communication.

Dave Tomlin, ISG

WJL has produced joinery, to a high standard, that we cannot fault. They have a proactive approach to assist in achieving the required design, within realistic timescales.

Benn Wilson, Surveyor, Rainsford Contracts Ltd

I felt I had to write and let you know that I feel you have been a pleasure to deal with as a company I feel that you are going the extra mile for us and the joiners that have worked here are extremely helpful. Please pass on my genuine thanks to all concerned. It is rare in this industry that we come across suppliers and tradesmen who care. Thank all your team on my behalf.

Phil Cowlard , Site Manager, Rydon

We have been working with Winston Joinery/WJL since 1996 & during that time they have produced some fantastic items of joinery for us & there professionalism has been consistent throughout that time.

Michael Buckingham, Contracts Director, DMB Carpentry & Joinery Ltd
WJL provided good & thorough input into the scheduling of door-sets, ironmongery and instillation programme. Quality if installation was of a very high standard, especially in the refurbished area which had its unique challenges requiring traditional carpentry skills.
Neil Jefferies, Project Manager, Osborne Construction

Excellent subcontractor, performed well on project (New Cross Hospital)

Joe Mcmorrow, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Kier

Worked well at Westcliffe to complete our specialist joinery items. They will pull out all the stops to ensure the work on site is complete and to a good standard at a competitive price!

Corey Holden, Trainee QS, Seddon

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