It can’t be denied that mass-produced woodwork is convenient. It’s usually the easiest way to fill your establishment with furniture and generic woodwork pieces, however it isn’t the best way – and we’ll explain why in this blog.

With bespoke furniture and panelling, you’re able to perfectly capture the vision you have for your space without having to compromise. You can obtain designs that reflect your personality and fit your establishment, which results in an area that delivers the style that you wanted and that excites and intrigues your customers.

Here at WJL, we install everything we make. This means that rather than having to shoehorn an off-the-shelf product into your complex design concept, our design team can produce a custom installation which entirely meets your demands.

An added bonus of bespoke woodwork is that each piece will be entirely unique. You’re in charge and involved with the whole process – you can add subtle or more obvious differences to your design to make it stand out from the crowd. Rather than look the same as every other restaurant/café/bar, your business can catch the eye of guests for all the right reasons.

WJL specialise in the supply and installation of fittings to bar  and restaurant areas within the hotels across the country. Take a look at our Project Gallery to browse our most interesting jobs, including delivering on over 50 Premier Inn front of house fit out contracts, providing bars, coffee and water stations, ceiling rafts, screens and upholstered furniture.

Premier Inn bespoke woodwork

Due to the higher quality that’s typically delivered for bespoke woodwork, you can expect the handcrafted furnishings to be long lasting and sturdy – rather than inevitably poorer quality, mass produced alternatives. 

This then supplies long-term value for your business. You won’t have to replace reception counters, bar panelling or seating for example after a  short period due to wear and tear. By investing early, you can save money in the long run.

WJL employs a design team vastly experienced in solving complex design issues where decorative timber acoustic panels are required to deliver specified levels of sound absorption. The panels along with all our bespoke joinery, are manufactured in our Stoke-on-Trent workshop and installed by our teams of fitters. All by us, cradle to grave.

If you are in need of any bespoke woodwork or acoustic panelling in the hospitality sector – don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.