WJL Needle

Over the last few weeks, we have explored every crucial element comprising our WJL Needle Process across our social media channels – here’s a recap.

The installation and maintenance of your fire door is the key to its performance and lifespan. Every WJL fire door is selected, installed and recorded using our industry leading app based technology. This allows us to provide the Golden Thread of certification throughout its journey from manufacture through to installation and maintenance, for the whole of the fire door’s life.

The WJL Needle service comes as standard with every single fire and smoke doorset that we supply and install. Let’s go into some detail;


At WJL, each of our doorset installers undergo comprehensive training to meet third-party accredited standards, supervised by the IFSS. This is a fundamental requirement for us, guaranteeing the steadfast adherence to compliance and standards throughout the entire process—from the reception of the fire doorset to the client handover.


At WJL, our emphasis is on robust certification, providing dual assurance through both manufacturing and installation certifications, accredited by third-party entities. As an accredited doorset installer by Bluesky, we not only deliver high-quality doorsets but also install them under third-party accreditation, instilling confidence in every fire and smoke-controlled doorset we provide.

Our Internal Contracts Manager oversees scheduling to ensure compatibility and compliance between architectural doorsets and ironmongery details. In collaboration with Bluesky Certification, a UKAS-accredited body, we offer independent certification for doors, windows, and fire-resistant products, enabling our customers to innovate while meeting stringent standards.


At WJL, our collaboration with Bolster Systems Limited involves a systematic process to document, photograph, and formally approve each installation of fire and smoke doorsets, all under the supervision of our Installation Manager.

This data plays a crucial role in our handover to customers and clients, providing transparent, individual records for every installation captured in the building’s O&M documentation. This meticulous record-keeping serves as an ideal foundation for the ongoing maintenance of fire doorsets, contributing to their longevity and ensuring the safety of the building.


We have a dedicated, fully qualified fire doorset inspector on our staff who examines each and every fire and smoke doorset provided and installed by WJL.

This inspection takes place prior to the handover to our customers and clients, facilitating a seamless transition to FM teams. It also provides our certified installers with an opportunity to address any issues they may discover, adding an additional layer of assurance to the WJL supply and installation process.


At WJL, our Design Team autonomously plans the schedule for each doorset before the manufacturing process, ensuring strict adherence to certification standards and identifying any potential non-conformance issues in the early stages. This proactive strategy ensures accurate deliveries, reduces errors, and results in significant time and cost savings.

Our team actively engages with stakeholders to meet expectations, placing a strong emphasis on in-house scheduling for precise customization and alignment with certifications and regulations.

In summary, our Needle Campaign highlighted the WJL Needle Process, showcasing our commitment to excellence in fire and smoke doorset installation. From specific training to robust certification, recording, and proactive scheduling; each step emphasises our dedication to industry-leading standards. Our Golden Thread of certification runs through every stage, ensuring transparency and client satisfaction.

At WJL, we don’t just install doorsets; we provide peace of mind, confidence, and a steadfast commitment to safety and compliance throughout the life cycle of each fire doorset. Did you know that we are able to offer training on our WJL Needle Process in person? If you’re interested, please contact Jim Greensmith on jim.greensmith@wjlcontracts.co.uk or via phone on 07842417178.