Controlling noise within a building or enclosed area can sometimes prove to be a tough challenge to overcome. For any architect, developer or interior designer, the materials used in the build and the way they absorb sound, plays a crucial part of the design and construction process. Sound can enhance or hinder the functionality and ambience of a space, and have a significant effect on people’s health, wellbeing and experience within an area so careful planning is vital to get it right. This is why we have developed our bespoke Echofade ® system. 

There are a number of factors that building acoustics can be influenced by:

  • The size and volume of a space.
  • The sound absorption, transmission and reflection of surfaces.
  • Sound generated inside or outside the space.
  • Airborne sound transmission.
  • Impact noise.

Whilst there are various sound controlling products available, acoustic panels and baffles are the most commonly used solutions and architects will often consider them into their design very early on. 

Our high-level understanding of timber, combined with the technology and innovation open to us, can support the design vision of the architects whilst ensuring the manufacturing process can become reality. We understand the importance of creating a good acoustic design and love getting involved at the early stages of a bespoke design. Concert halls, lecture theatres, hotels and libraries are all projects we have been involved in to help control sound – and without compromising on the aesthetics. 

As a result of our extensive research and experience working with timber products, the Echofade Range was developed and tested in 2012. WJL’s Echofade® panels and Echofade® baffles have been manufactured since 2013 and are fully bespoke and unique to the industry. They provide a UK designed and manufactured alternative to more expensive continental European brands – something our clients love when it comes to considering their carbon footprint!  WJL offers the Echofade® range designed and manufactured as a totally bespoke system  For example we recently supplied a baffles system with different colour fabric between each slat (see photo below) which we believe is a solution not seen elsewhere on any other projects across the UK.

The Echofade® range offers solutions from class B to class E absorption and our own fixing system means that we can design manufacture and install with lead times far below those of our competitors, with replacement panels available in very short time. All of our products are fully supported by testing carried out at the (UKAS accredited) Sound Research Laboratories in accordance with BSEN ISO 354-2003.


Echofade ® Acoustic Panels

Our Echofade ® acoustic panels are manufactured from an 18mm solid core board on a newly installed, state of the art, CNC machine. The panels are beautifully complimented by a solid timber framing on all edges.


Echofade ® Acoustic Baffle Systems

Hit and miss Solid timber Echofade ® baffles or slats are manufactured to a 44mm x 32mm finished size. The timber slats are then pre-assembled in manageable sized panels via a secret fixing system on to split battens to ensure an accurate and rapid fit once site is ready for installation.


All of our systems are supplied with supporting acoustic test certificates and offer an innovative alternative to sound absorption products such as Gustaf, Soundsorba, Topakustik, and BCL.


For more information on our Echofade range or to discuss how our acoustic solutions could help you in an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact the team.