Meet Jim Greensmith!

As a Business Development Director, Jim is responsible for identifying and creating opportunities for growth within our organisation. His primary role is to develop and implement strategies that drive business expansion, increase revenue, and enhance profitability.

Jim has hit the ground running with some amazing ideas, working towards our 5 year business growth strategy. Alongside his role at WJL, Jim is also currently studying for a Masters Degree in Business Administration, providing him with advanced business knowledge, leadership skills, and a broader understanding of various functional areas within an organisation.

We asked him some questions when joining us, and here are his answers!

Tell us about your experience/work background?

“I have been in the joinery industry (predominately the timber doors and doorsets sector) since 2007, starting out as an Estimating Assistant and progressing to this point just over 15 years later. Although my roles have varied throughout the years, taking on different roles within the manufacturing business, my main focus has generally been at the front end of the business, working with supply chain partners and customers.”

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career?

“To not take anything personally – construction/manufacturing can be a highly stressful environment at times.”

What have you been looking forward to in your role at WJL?

“There’s a clear ambition of where we want to be as a business in five years time in terms of growth. I’ve been trusted by WJL to help lead that growth strategy, and it’s exciting to think where we could be in five years time and then what’s next…”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“Spending time with people I love, namely my 6 year old daughter, as well as friends and family. I also enjoy going on holiday, cycling (in nice weather) as well as watching and following sports; my favourites being football (Newcastle United) and rugby union.”

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?

“I’m currently studying for a Masters Degree in Business Administration, alongside my role at WJL and my previous role at Bridgman IBC. Finding the time can be quite difficult, but fingers crossed, I’ll hopefully complete it all by October this year and can relax!”